Understand the Scriptures and Unlock the Meaning of God’s Word for Your Life

Powerful Curriculum

our four Biblical School courses: Created for Covenant, Encountering Jesus and Joining His Mission, Called to Return to Love, and Walking Daily with God

Inspired Discipleship offers the unique opportunity for an in-depth, comprehensive, Catholic study of the entire Bible.

Through four major movements, we journey through the Bible, understanding the historical, cultural, and literary background so that God’s Word comes to life like never before.

Catechesis and applications to the life of a disciple are revealed from Scripture, through Tradition, so that God can transform our lives.

Inspired Instructors

Jesus invested deeply in the Twelve, spending three years explaining Israel’s Scriptures and proclaiming God’s Kingdom to them in a direct, person-to-person way.

Our instructors are dynamic, faith-filled faculty, each with a Master’s Degree or higher and experience in adult faith formation.

Community & Connection

Through live Q&A video conferences with your instructor, personal feedback on your written reflections, and three options for discussion (live video conference, in-person with local parishioners, or at any time by typing online) our online class is engaging and personal.

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