Cathryn Torgerson

Cathryn serves as our Director of Curriculum, working with faculty and participants to continually improve materials, lesson content, and applications of these living, Sacred texts.

Cathryn hails from the rural cornfields of Illinois and prior to joining our ministry in 2010, she worked as a corporate manager and trainer in HR and marketing. She earned a Master of Arts in Theology from Sacred Heart Major Seminary (Detroit), with a thesis emphasis on spiritual growth according to the writings of St. Paul. She spent several years ministering with teens and intercessory prayer groups in parish life. As an instructor, Cathryn holds the rare distinction (!) of having taught all four of our courses–Created for Covenant, Encountering Jesus and Joining His Mission, Called to Return to Love, and Walking Daily with God. In her free time, Cathryn loves the outdoors, travel, hiking, photography, reading (lots of it!), and coffee.

Surprising Fact? Cathryn used to work backstage in theater.