Does It Cost?

In short, yes. We ask for a suggested annual tuition of $580 with a 50% discount for additional family members and allow each individual to contribute as able. Some give more, some give less, and through God’s provision we’ve been able to welcome every person who desires to know God through His Word, regardless of their financial means.

Inspired Discipleship uses a faculty of professional instructors who have earned at least a Master’s Degree in theology, Biblical Studies, or related ministry fields and are devout Catholics. We do not receive financial support from parishes or dioceses, and so contributions of suggested tuition and donations enable us to employ quality faculty and continue our “open arms” approach to welcoming all, regardless of financial means.

Practically, the advice we always give is to discern if God is calling you to study His Word in one of our classes. If the answer is yes, then follow God’s lead. When registering, you can check a box to let us know if you’re able to pay the suggested tuition or if you’d need a full or partial scholarship–there’s no formal financial aid form or documents to submit. Over the past 10 years, 100% of those who’ve checked the box needing a scholarship have been given one.