Encountering Jesus and Joining His Mission

Experience the transformative event of the Good News of Jesus Christ through the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, and Luke, Acts of the Apostles, Paul’s Letters, and the Letter to the Hebrews. For many, the Gospels are at first familiar–from Mass, prayer, or even memories of childhood storybooks. Yet, as we encounter these inspired texts anew, we encounter Jesus anew, as one participant reflected, “a new amazement and appreciation!” Or, as another explained:

“I’ve heard the parables many times before, but this year they took on new meaning–they contain so much more than I realized! I feel closer to God and realize more all that He has given to us in the Bible, how He loves us and cares for us.”

As we understand more Jesus’s earthly ministry and the response of the early Church, we too are more and more filled by the Holy Spirit and fueled for our own lives of witness in our world today.

Encountering Jesus and Joining His Mission is typically the second course of Inspired Discipleship, and begins in mid-September.

Find out more about our suggested books (also called “Year B” at our parent-site, cbsmich.org) and meet our professor, Colleen Vermeulen, M.Div.

Image Credit:
Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP, “The Ascension of Our Lord,” CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0