Is There a Schedule?

Because Inspired Discipleship includes regular engagement with a teacher and conversation with peers, there is a general schedule.

In 2021, we’ll conclude registration on Sep 7th and begin Created for Covenant, our study of the historical books of the Old Testament, on September 20th.

Can I “Miss” a Week/Lesson?

Yes! One of the benefits of an online learning experience is the flexibility to devote time when you have it to watching a lecture, reading the Bible, and more. For example, for a weekly lesson, the video lecture, readings, and written response questions will be available both before and after the particular week of the lesson. If you’re on vacation, have a busy time of work/family responsibilities, etc. it’s fine to work ahead or catch up after you return. (See “What’s a week/lesson like?”).

If you know that you’ll be unable to regularly participate in a video conference small group discussion at the same time most weeks, we recommend you choose an asynchronous (meaning “at any time”) style small group. These small groups will discuss via typing, as in a chat or discussion board, so that each person can participate at a time convenient to them.

Each lesson also includes live video conference Q&A with your professor. This is optional, so if you’re unable to attend regularly due to family/work commitments, etc. that’s completely fine!