How is Inspired Discipleship different from a typical Bible study?

Inspired Discipleship bridges the gap between valuable experiences that ignite and renew–such as Alpha, ChristLife, and single book/theme Bible studies–and formation that enables and empowers a lifetime of missionary discipleship rooted in God’s Inspired Word.

While most Bible studies from DVDs and other pre-printed books, workbooks, or booklets cover selected themes or portions of the Bible, Inspired Discipleship offers a “next step” in on-going adult faith formation as participants journey through every book of the Bible, with the teaching and guidance of an expert teacher. Each member of our faculty has a post-graduate degree in Catholic theology and experience forming adults for missionary discipleship. Direct, person-to-person, live engagement with a teacher provides the depth that sustains and participants are empowered and sent forth to live and proclaim the Good News.

Why have small group discussion?

For ancient Israelites and the early Church, studying Sacred Scripture was never a solitary endeavor. By discussing the inspired texts in one of our three types of small groups (in-person, live video conference, or “any time” text-chat) we grow more confident in expressing God’s truths in our own words and are encouraged as we hear the applications and reflections of others. Our small group discussions are guided by the individual written reflections on specific questions, so discussion remains focused and relevant.

How do I know I’m receiving Catholic teaching on Scripture?

The Archbishop of Detroit, the Most Reverend Allen Vigneron, provides primary ecclesiastical oversight and endorsement of the teachers and curriculum of Inspired Discipleship. Our dynamic, faith-filled instructors have a Master’s Degree or higher and are approved by Dr. Peter Williamson, Adam Cardinal Maida Chair of Sacred Scriptures at Sacred Heart Major Seminary (Detroit) and co-editor of the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture series.

When teaching, deference is always given to areas where the Catholic Church has made a specific interpretation of Scripture. As is typical in Scripture studies, we may reference the works of our Jewish, Orthodox, and Protestant brothers and sisters within the context of interpreting the Scriptures in the Church’s Tradition.

Can my participation be applied to catechetical or ministry certification?

In short, maybe!

Both the Archdiocese of Detroit and Diocese of Lansing have pre-existing arrangements to apply participation in Inspired Discipleship courses directly to ministry/catechetical certification.

We’re happy to work directly with you and your diocese to determine how our courses may fit as equivalencies to your diocese’s existing certification programs.

For dioceses interested in strengthening or broadening ministry/catechetical certification programs, we can develop custom modules and offerings.

Do we use any books other than the Bible?

Yes, we do! Please visit our Catholic Biblical School of Michigan parent-site, for information on each year’s books (as well as many optional readings).