What Technology Do I Need?

Our goal is to remove barriers and help people engage and connect with God in the Bible and in our daily lives.

In this spirit, we use simple, straightforward websites and links. While all of our sites and applications are mobile and tablet friendly, we recommend you also have weekly access to a desktop or laptop computer or tablet-keyboard for composing your own short written responses.

In general, if you’re currently able to use the internet for emailing, downloading attachments, browsing text-based websites (like this one), and watching live-streamed video, your technology readiness is just right for a virtual online class experience like ours.

If you’re not quite sure about your computer readiness, here’s a more detailed breakdown of specific technology skills/resources needed to get the most out of Inspired Discipleship:

Can I watch online videos? As a test, try viewing this inspirational Catholic video on the Holy Spirit, “God’s Love Poured Out”

Can I download or view attachments from Google Drive? As test, click here to open a two-page handout describing our virtual class-cohort. You may be able to view it online. You may also want to download it for offline viewing.

-If using a computer/laptop, click the “File” menu (top left), then hover over “Download As…” to reveal a variety of options, and choose PDF. Your computer may prompt you to Save the file to a folder of your choice, or automatically download it to your Downloads folder.
-For tablets/mobile devices, you can view without downloading on the web (by clicking the link above) or download the Google Slides app to manage files. To do this,

  1. Open the Google Slides app.
  2. On the file you want to copy, tap More  More.
  3. Tap Make a copy Copy. The copy will open in the app

Can I view a Google Classroom website?  You can access Google Classroom using the web on a computer with any browser, such as Chrome, Firefox ® , Internet Explorer ® , or Safari ® . In general, Classroom supports major browser releases on a continual basis. If your internet-data speed supports viewing this CBSM website, you’ll be able to view your class website, as it will have a similar mix of graphics and text.

Google Classroom is also available for Android and Apple® iOS® mobile devices. For more information, see the Google website Get the Classroom App.

Optional: Can I do video conferencing through a computer with a camera or a smartphone? If you choose a small group that meets live via video conference at a set time each week or choose to talk to your teacher during weekly live Q&A (both optional), having a built-in or external microphone and camera will enable you to participate with the live feel of face-to-face interaction. However, if you do not have this capability, it’s okay! Every video conference will also have a telephone dial-in number for those who wish to participate using audio-only.