Start a Small Group

Interested in growing in faith through the Bible with friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers?
Seeking more depth, support, and interaction than merely picking up a DVD-series or workbook to lead each other through?

Inspired Discipleship offers the opportunity to gather and meet (at a convenient location or via video-conference) for discussion, while being supported by weekly video lectures and live interaction with an expert teacher. It’s the best of both worlds, combining seminary-level expertise and live-teacher interaction with the opportunity to grow as disciples in a local group.

How to Start a Group

  • Invite others (12 or fewer is generally a good size). You can make personal invitations, and/or we can provide information and graphics for use in bulletins or digital media. Contact us >>
  • Each person registers. Registration can happen at any time, all group members do not need to be known at time of each participant’s individual registration.
  • After registering, we follow up to ask participants if they’d like to join:
    • a small group we organize via video-conference
    • no group (“anytime” online forum discussion only)
    • their own local group (and if so, what other people) — you’d reply yes to this one!