What’s a Lesson Like?

Every week of class (also known as a “lesson) we’ll grow together through:


A pre-recorded presentation (approx. 60 min) from your teacher–you’ll not only hear, but also see visuals and your teacher speaking. It’s recorded (not “live”) so you can watch (pause, re-watch, etc.) whenever it’s most convenient for you.


Weekly reading assignments, primarily from the Bible and supplemented with quality secondary sources. (View the annual calendar and week-by-week lesson plan for each class at our parent-site, cbsmich.org/participants).


Discussion enables us to grow in our familiarity with the Bible,share our faith, and experience a community of like-minded individuals, interested in studying the Bible in-depth.

Choose from 3 types of discussion settings:

  1. Live video-conference group at a set time
  2. “Anytime” written discussion board in GoogleClassroom
  3. Gather a group of local friends or parishioners to meet (in a convenient location or by video-conference)

Written Responses

Every lesson includes a handful of short-answer questions designed to prepare you for small group discussion. You’ll send/submit these to your teacher, who will provide written feedback and insights–a way to grow and ponder God’s Word as an individual.


A weekly written or recorded prayer prompt connected to the week’s content will be shared by your teacher.

Live Q&A (Optional)

Each week your teacher will host a “live” video conference for open conversation. It’s a great time for Q&A on the week, new questions on previous lessons, and conversation about living out the Catholic faith. It’s optional, simply drop-in when your interest/schedule allows. Teachers will schedule times based on the interests and preferences of the class.