What’s a Lesson Like?

Every week of class (also known as a “lesson) we’ll grow together through:


A pre-recorded presentation (approx. 60 min) from your teacher–you’ll not only hear, but also see visuals and your teacher speaking. It’s recorded (not “live”) so you can watch (pause, re-watch, etc.) whenever it’s most convenient for you.


Weekly reading assignments, primarily from the Bible and supplemented with quality secondary sources.

Small Group

In small group discussion, we grow in our familiarity with the Bible, how to share our faith, and experience a community of like-minded individuals, interested in studying the Bible in-depth.

Choose from 3 types of groups:

  1. Live video teleconference at a set time
  2. “Talk” by typing short conversational remarks, at any time, in a group “chat room”
  3. Gather a group of local friends/parishioners for an in-person weekly chat at a convenient local location (see Parish Groups)

Written Responses

Every lesson includes a handful of short-answer questions designed to prepare you for small group discussion. You’ll send/submit these to your teacher, who will provide written feedback and insights–a way to grow and ponder God’s Word as an individual.


A weekly written or recorded prayer prompt connected to the week’s content will be shared by your teacher.

Live Q&A (Optional)

Each week your teacher will host two 30-minute “live” video conferences for open conversation. It’s a great time for Q&A on the week, new questions on previous lessons, and conversation about living out the Catholic faith. It’s optional, simply drop-in when your interest/schedule allows.